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Monday, February 13, 2006


Caldas da Rainha is a city (Portuguese: Cities of Portugal) in Portugal. The name can be translated as Queens Hot Springs, Queens Spa or Queens Thermal Waters. Caldas da Rainha is the seat of the larger municipality (Portuguese: concelho or munic�pio) of the same name. Caldas da Rainha is the capital of the Comunidade Urbana do Oeste (West Urban Community, part of the nations latest local government plan). The city is best known for its hot springs and pottery. (municipality) of Caldas da Rainha in Portugal


The Founding

Caldas da Rainha was founded by Leonor of Viseu, wife of John II of Portugal. One day in 1484, while traveling from �bidos to Batalha, she found a group of peasants bathing in foul-smelling waters by the roadside. She stopped to inquire about this oddity and was told that the waters possessed curative powers. She decided to try it for herself. She was pleased to find that she was quickly relieved of some affliction she had been suffering (exactly what is not known). On that site, the queen ordered a thermal hospital built so that others may enjoy the relief that she felt. Construction began the following year, 1485. Although the first patients were admitted in 1488, construction was not completed until about 1496 or 1497. The name of the settlement that grew up around the site (Caldas da Rainha), reminds us of both its founder and the reason for its existence.


Caldas da Rainha was officially elevated to the status of town (Portuguese: Towns of Portugal) in 1511. It became a city in 1927.

Historical Tidbits

During World War II hundreds of Jewish refugees came to Caldas da Rainha to escape Nazism.


C�mara Municipal

President: Fernando Jos� da Costa
Vice-President: Fernando Manuel Tinta Ferreira
Members (Party):
Fernando Manuel Tinta Ferreira (Social Democratic Party (Portugal))
Maria da Conei��o Feliciano Antunes Bretts Jardim Pereira (PSD) one person seriously, check the Web site >
Jorge Manuel Mangorrinha Martins (PSD)
Hugo Patr�cio Martinho de Oliveira (PSD)
Herminio do Coito Ma��s (Socialist Party (Portugal))
Jo�o Pedro da Silva Correia (PS)

Assembleia Municipal

President: Luis Manuel Monteiro Ribeiro
Members (Party):
Jos� Lu�s de Carvalho Lalanda Ribeiro (PSD)
Jos� Eduardo Vera Cruz Jardim (PS)
Lu�s Manuel Pereira Monteiro Ribeiro (PSD)
Rui Alves Gomes (PSD)
Manuel Mendes Nunes (PS)
Jos� Fernando dAlmeida Silva Pereira (PSD)
Lu�s Miguel da Rosa Goul�o Freire (PSD)
Arnaldo Lino Monteiro da Rocha (PS)
Faustino Filipe Cunha (PSD, Independent Politics)
M�rio de Sousa Tavares (PS)
Daniel Miguel Rebelo (PSD)
Duarte Nuno Batista Ferreira (Peoples Party (Portugal))
Maria Da Concei��o da Costa Martins (PSD)
Maria Margarida Nave Nunes Maldonado Freitas (PS)
Pedro Miguel de Oliveira Marques (PSD)
Nuno Filipe Vieira Lino Fausto de Sousa (PSD)
M�rio Ant�nio Duarte Pacheco (PS)
Jos� Pedro Fernandes Viegas (PSD, Independent)
Ana Margarida Lopes Botelho (Unitary Democratic Coalition (Portugal))
Sara Maria Belo Velez (PS)
Vitor Manuel Antunes Gancho (PSD)


Caldas da Rainha is located at 39.40�N latitde 9.13�W longitde. The municipality comprises an area of 254.6 km� (updated 2003 statistics). The city is located approximately 82 km north of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Although the municipality borders the Atlantic Ocean, the city proper is about 10 km from the ocean. Administratively, Caldas da Rainha is in the district of Leiria (district). Statistically, it is in the sub-region of Oeste within the region of Lisboa e Vale do Tejo. Historically, it is located in the province of Estremadura. The municipality is bordered to the north by Alcoba�a, to the east by Rio Maior and to the south by Bombarral, Cadaval and �bidos.

List of Freguesias

The municipality of Caldas da Rainha comprises sixteen parishes (Portuguese: freguesias). They are: border + Instituto Nacional de Estat�stica (INE) - Freguesia Population
(2001 census) Area
(Square kilometre) - A-dos-Francos Alvorninha Carvalhal Benfeito Coto Foz do Arelho Landal Nadadouro Nossa Senhora do P�pulo (part of the city of Caldas da Rainha) Salir de Matos Salir do Porto Santa Catarina, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal Santo Onofre (part of the city of Caldas da Rainha) S�o Greg�rio Serra do Bouro Tornada Vidais Nossa Senhora do P�pulo and Santo Onofre are urban freguesias and form the city of Caldas da Rainha, the other fourteen freguesias form the rural part of the municipality and do not belong to the city. Some sources, including the Instituto Nacional de Estat�stica, count part or all of Tornada as being part of the city, due to its increasingly urban nature. The two freguesias which comprise the city are officially designated by the INE as Caldas da Rainha (N Senhora do P�pulo) and Caldas da Rainha (Santo Onofre). N Senhora do P�pulo is listed by this organization between Alvorninha and Carvalhal Benfeito, as if its name were simply Caldas da Rainha. Santo Onofre is last in the INEs list of Caldass freguesias, because it was the most recent created, and the INE must not have wanted to upset the numeration of the freguesias.


There are 1,604 business firms in the municipality. 4% are in the primary sector (agriculture), 23.2% are in the secondary sector (manufacturing) and 72.8% are in the tertiary sector (services). There are 30 banking institutions, with deposits totaling �528,543,300. 49% of the population is employed, while 6.5% are unemployed. (The remainder are too young, are retired or do not otherwise participate in the workforce.) Source: Instituto Nacional de Estat�stica (2002 statistics, employment stats are from 2001)


As of the 2001 census, there are 48,846 inhabitants in the municipality. This represents a 13.1% increase over the 1991 population of 43,205. Of current inhabitants, 23,483 (48.1%) are male and 25,363 (51.9%) are female. Inhabitants aged 14 and under number 7,666 (15.7%), those aged 15 to 24 number 6,509 (13.3%), those aged 25 to 64 number 25,867 (53.0%) and those aged 65 and over number 8,804 (18.0%). The popluation density is 197.1 inhabitants/km� (2002). See List of Freguesias for a breakdown of population by freguesia. Source: Instituto Nacional de Estat�stica

Sites of Interest

Beaches and Water

Foz do Arelho � beach on Atlantic Ocean, 10 km from center of town
Lagoa de �bidos � lagoon which empties into the Atlantic Ocean
Salir do Porto � beach on the Atlantic Ocean


Ermida da S�o Sebasti�o � 16th-century chapel
Igreja Nossa Senhora do P�pulo � church near the thermal hospital, ca. 1500, built by order of Queen Leonor
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Concei��o (XX Century)


Casa Museu de S. Rafael � ceramics
Museu Atelier Ant�nio Duarte � sculpture
Museu Atelier Jo�o Fragoso � sculpture
Museu da Cer�mica � ceramics museum
Museu do Hospital e das Caldas � art museum asscociated with the thermal hospital
Museu Jos� Malhoa � art museum located in Parque D. Carlos I

Parks and Plazas

Parque D. Carlos I � park in center of town
Pra�a da Rep�blica � square in center of town, surrounded by shops, hosts daily green market (aka Pra�a da Fruta)


Centro de Forma��o Profissional da Ind�stria Metal�rgica e Metalomec�nica (CENFIM) � metallurgy and metal mechanics
Centro de Forma��o Profissional para a Ind�stria Cer�mica (CENCAL) � ceramics
Escola de Tecnologia e Gest�o Industrial (ETGI) � technology and industrial management (Associa��o para a Escola Superior de Biotecnologia da Universidade Cat�lica, AESBUC)
Escola Superior de Biotecnologia (Universidade Cat�lica Portuguesa) � biotechnology
Escola Superior de Educa��o de Leiria � education
Escola Superior de Tecnologia, Gest�o, Arte e Design (ESTGAD) � technology, management, art and design
Escola T�cnica Empresarial do Oeste � business technology
Universidade Aut�noma de Lisboa

Sports Teams

To come

Notable Natives

Mestre Ant�nio Duarte
Jos� Malhoa
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro
Raul Proen�a

Local Interest


Caldas da Rainha is known for its glazed ceramic pottery (lou�a das Caldas). Much of this is shaped like fruits, vegetables and animals. Other styles include breasts, phalluses and nude figurines. The ceramics are available for purchase at stands in the daily market at Pra�a da Rep�blica and shops in the vicinity. They are also available in stores outside Portugal, including a number of upmarket housewares stores. One popular ceramic figure is Z� Povinho. This bearded peasant, a sort of symbol of the region, represents everyman. He is shown with an upraised fist. The pottery can be utilitarian as well as decorative. One popular model is a soup tureen shaped like a cabbge.


Cavacas das Caldas are a small-bowl-sized, shell-shaped confection of flour and eggs, with a crunchy sugar covering. Beijinhos das Caldas (English: kisses) are similar, but are smaller and round.

Miscellaneous Information

Municipal Holiday: May 15
Postal Code: 2500
Telephone Dialing Code: 262

Official Web Site

C�mara Municipal de Caldas da Rainha � The municipal governments Web site (in Portuguese, English in development)

General Interest

Oeste Online
Caldas Online


The city (C�mara Municipal)
caldrainha&mg 1&lg pt The city (viajar.clix.pt)
caldrainha2&mg 1&lg pt The city center (viajar.clix.pt)
Borders of the freguesias (C�mara Municipal)
Content&pa showpage&pid 11 Colorful, clickable map showing sites and businesses (Caldas Online)
Sections&sop viewarticle&artid 22 Principal roads to Caldas da Rainha (Caldas Online)
238-5031-7&taps 1 Caldas da Rainha in context of Disrict of Leiria (supertravelnet.com)


Gazeta da Caldas
Jornal das Caldas



Centro de Forma��o Profissional para a Ind�stria Cer�mica (CENCAL)
Escola de Tecnologia e Gest�o Industrial (ETGI)
Escola Profissional T�cnica Empresarial do Oeste
Escola Superior de Artes e Design
Escola Superior de Biotecnologia (Universidade Cat�lica Portuguesa)
Escola Superior de Educa��o de Leiria
Universidade Aut�noma de Lisboa

Secondary Schools

Escola Secund�ria de Raul Proen�a � contains some useful information in English


Bandeiras do Concelho das Caldas da Rainha � Flag of the municipality (in Portuguese)


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